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Living Area Service

   We love cleaning your house! We begin by removing the cobwebs from the edges of the ceilings and lighting fixtures.
   Then, we dust the ventilation and the ceiling fans with a long extension duster. If the blinds just have dust, we dust them, and, if they have dirty spots, we clean them with a humid microfiber cloth.

   Next, we make the beds with fresh lines if you leave the bedding prior to your appointment. We clean the doors, baseboards, every window frame, and light switches.

   Then, dust and polish all your furniture and decorative elements.

     The laundry room will be dusted and mopped.
   The sofas will be cleaned if they are made of leather, and, if they can be detached, they are also vacuumed from the interior. We will vacuum the carpet, rugs, floors, and stairs.

   Lastly, our cleaning team will make sure to mop all wooden and tile floors.

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